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Can Veneers Be Done in One Day?

Most dental practices only offer traditional lab-made porcelain veneers. While this is an excellent way for patients to repair cosmetic flaws in a patient’s teeth, the process is unnecessarily long, costly, uncomfortable, time-consuming, and inconvenient.

At Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence, we offer same-day veneers – a streamlined design, fabrication, and placement process thanks to advanced CAD/CAM technology. Using the same CEREC technology used to create same-day crowns, we can take digital impressions and produce a 3D digital model of your teeth using our intraoral cameras. 

This produces 3D imaging on our design software. Here, we can digitally make any adjustments to the design of the veneers in terms of shape, size, and shade. 

Then your veneers are 3D printed through our in-house milling machine out of a block of porcelain. All of this is done in a single appointment so patients can leave the office on the same day with a brand new smile. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Same-Day Veneers Mandeville

Traditional Veneers vs. Same-Day Veneers

The basics of the process are the same. Dr. Schof will examine your teeth to ensure you’re a good candidate for veneers. After ruling out oral health problems and discussing your cosmetic goals with you, he will take impressions of your teeth and shade-match the porcelain to your natural teeth. 

½ mm of enamel must be removed from your teeth to create enough space for the veneers. Your impressions are used to create custom veneers that look natural and fit precisely with your bite. Once the porcelain veneers are ready, they’re bonded to your teeth with dental cement.

The main difference, however, is the compression of the timeline and technology used in our office, enabling us to streamline the entire process. With normal veneers, you need to wear uncomfortable molds filled with putty for impressions. 

Then, these impressions and any other information are sent to an outside dental lab which takes several weeks to fabricate your veneers. Since you have to wait for your veneers with filed-down enamel, you need to have temporary veneers bonded to your teeth.

You’ll have to return for another appointment once your veneers are ready to remove the temporary ones, check that you’re happy with them, and then have them bonded.

This entire process is accelerated for same-day veneers. We eliminate the need for physical impressions. We design, fabricate, and produce veneers all in one go, so you don’t need to wait for long periods of time or attend multiple appointments. 

Since we cut out the middlemen, multiple appointments, and temporary veneers, we also cut costs. You are left with a much more convenient, fast, and flexible treatment. If anything needs adjusting at any point, we can do this immediately, which improves communication and prevents back-and-forths with third parties.

How To Care for Same-Day Veneers

Same-day veneers have a comparable lifespan to traditional veneers. You can expect them to last for at least ten years with proper care. However, you must practice good oral hygiene by brushing, flossing, and attending dental cleanings every six months. 

This will prevent stain buildup and tooth decay from forming underneath your veneers. Other sources of stains include tobacco products, coffee, tea, red wine, and highly pigmented foods. Limit your consumption of these, or rinse your mouth with water after consuming them. Try not to eat hard and sticky foods, and avoid using your teeth to open packages. 

Mandeville Same-Day Veneers

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