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Keep Your Pearly Whites Bright

teeth whitening

Reverse Tooth Stains

If you’ve been looking for teeth whitening options in Mandeville, we offer professional-grade results and safe treatment. Whitening strips, toothpastes and gels are becoming more common, but they’re often limited in the level of whitening that they provide, and some can even damage your teeth.

At the Mandeville Center For Dental Excellence, we offer professional-grade teeth whitening options that take the guesswork out of getting a whiter smile. With proven results and a reliable process, we can help you achieve the brightness you’re looking for.

Teeth Whitening Mandeville



For in-office whitening, we use KöR® Deep Bleaching™, which is the most effective whitening treatment available. The gel conditions your teeth to be more receptive to bleaching, so even the most difficult stains will dissolve, like deep-rooted stains such as fluorosis and tetracycline.


If you prefer a take-home treatment, we offer NiteWhite®. After your teeth have been cleaned and examined, we will take impressions for customized bleaching trays. Customized trays ensure that the bleaching gel stays on your teeth instead of oozing onto your gums and mouth.

Teeth Whitening Mandeville LA

The Whitening Process

During an in-office whitening, we will ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy enough for the procedure. If so, a paste or gel is applied to your teeth. This gel contains oxidizing agents that safely bleach your teeth to remove stains and discoloration.

If you choose take-home whitening, we will create custom trays for your treatment. You’ll wear these trays at home as directed, along with professional whitening paste. You'll see your teeth gradually become whiter as the days go by! Despite a more gradual process, NiteWhite is no less effective than in-office whitening.

Interested in a Brilliant Smile?

Dr. Charles Schof offers amazing cosmetic dentistry and beautiful results for patients in Mandeville. We provide a variety of cosmetic procedures, including porcelain veneers, same day crowns and six month smiles. For a fuller, whiter smile, come to the Mandeville Center For Dental Excellence today.

Contact us now at (985) 626-4401 to schedule an appointment or visit our office at 240 Dalwill Dr, Mandeville, LA 70471. We look forward to helping you achieve your brightest smile ever!

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