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Dental Technology

Great strides have been made in recent years when it comes to dental technology. From the way we examine your oral health to the methods for straightening and restoring your smile, new technologies are being created and applied within our industry everyday. With sharper imaging, more realistic restorations, and a consideration of your whole body health, we’ve made treatment faster and more accurate, saving you time and money.

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Our Technology

We invest in dental technology because we believe this enhances patient experience, creates efficiencies in our treatments, and gives you better overall care. With our modern equipment, you'll receive accurate treatment and diagnosis, as well as elevated comfort.


With faster processing times, clearer and more accurate images, and less radiation, digital x-rays are becoming a standard in dentistry. It’s an amazing tool in preventative dentistry, and allows us to better treat our patients.


An intraoral camera is about the size of a pen, and reaches all the tiny corners and crevices of your mouth to help us get a clear picture of your oral health. Similar to a digital x-ray, the images can be manipulated so we can see exactly where the damage is and how it’s affecting the rest of your mouth.


PlanScan technology, similar to CEREC®, allows us to create dental prosthetics and place them in just one day. In conjunction with a 3D scanner and the PlanScan CAD/CAM Restoration System®, our in-office milling unit can create a restoration, like a ceramic crown, while Dr. Schof prepares your tooth.


We take the guesswork out of placing dental implants with X-Nav Guided Implant technology. Exceptional navigation technology gives Dr. Schof more control over the entire procedure, ensuring an accurate position, angle and depth. In under an hour, you can have your dental implant placed and be on the road to recovery.


Do you have a misaligned smile, but don’t want to wear metal braces? With advancements in dental technology, the Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence is happy to offer Six-Month Smiles. This system is the fastest corrective solution on the market, and perfect for adults who just want straight teeth without noticeable treatment.

A permanent Solution to Severe Tooth Loss

See how Hybridge Denture Alternatives can change your life


Dental implants are unrivaled in dentistry. With multiple implants securing your denture, Hybridge allows you to feel confident in your new smile.


Typically, four to six implants is all it takes to support a full-arch denture, giving you a comprehensive solution to wide-spread tooth loss.


Tooth loss doesn't have to hold you back. Experience the monumental change to your lifestyle with a permanent, comprehensive solution.

Is Hybridge right for you?

Imagine the security of a dental implant with the complete solution of dentures. Dr. Schof is excited to provide this revolutionary new dental technology to patients who are looking for the functionality and aesthetics that only denture alternatives can supply.

Hybridge denture alternatives (also known as implant affixed dentures) are for anyone who’s suffered severe tooth loss and requires the replacement of several teeth in order to get their lives back. Don’t settle for uncomfortable or temporary solutions. Get a permanent fix and a better, fuller quality of life. We can get you smiling again.

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