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hybridge Dental Implants

A denture Alternative

Secure, Comprehensive Solutions

Implant-supported restorations, such as Hybridge Dental Implants, are some of the most powerful and convenient tooth replacement options available today. They’re so effective because unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported restorations are a permanent solution to tooth loss.

With an implant-supported system, even patients who have undergone serious tooth loss from periodontal disease or decay can quickly and easily restore their smiles. At the Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence, Dr. Charles Schof is Hybridge-Certified providing dental implants to restore the function and esthetic of missing teeth permanently. And you won’t have to spend any time without teeth – even during the healing process.

How it works


Before the procedure, any remaining teeth on the upper or lower arch are removed, and the patient is given time to heal. During the healing phase, a prosthesis is given. At no time will the patient be without teeth.


Once the gums have settled, Dr. Charles Schof will insert five or six dental implants. Dental implants function as a synthetic root, permanently bonding to the jawbone and surrounding tissue.


After implant placement, your restorations are permanently placed, attaching directly to the titanium posts implanted in your gums during the first stage of the process. Start the journey today and book a consult!

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hybridge Patient Stories

If you’re suffering from diminished confidence, difficulty chewing and eating your favorite foods, or any other issues resulting from missing teeth, we can help. Hybridge Dental implants can help give you your life and your comfort back. Hear from real patients about their life-changing Hybridge treatment from Dr. Schof.

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what makes hybridge denture Alternatives different from the competition?

Mandeville Hybridge Dental Implants

Hybridge dental implants are often compared to other denture alternatives like Teeth in a Day and All on 4. There are a few key things that distinguish Hybridge from the competition.

  • Certification required – Dr. Charles Schof is a Hybridge Certified Doctor. To earn this qualification, a dentist must meet the highest standards for dental implant quality and train extensively in the standardized Hybridge treatment methodology.
  • Highest-quality materials – All Hybridge dental implants are built with modern, industry-leading design, and use innovative materials to provide better results. Unlike some competitors, Hybridge restorations are supported on five or six dental implants, which improves stability and security.
  • Custom-built dental bridges – Every Hybridge implant restoration is hand-crafted by artisan technicians at the Hybridge Laboratory. Modern imaging and dental techniques are used to ensure proper implant placement, fit and function. When you choose Hybridge, your new teeth will look and feel completely natural, guaranteed.
  • Simplified Treatment Process – Hybridge treatment protocols simplify treatment for a full mouth restoration, offering patients greater convenience, fewer appointments and a clear road map to completion—all under one roof.

To learn more and determine if you are a good candidate for full-mouth restoration with Hybridge, schedule an appointment with Dr. Schof today!

Hybridge: a Denture Alternative, a permanent solution

Dental implants are one of the best ways to restore a tooth that has been lost due to periodontal disease or tooth decay. Once treatment is complete, a dental implant can be treated just like your natural tooth. However, dentures are traditionally a great solution for patients who are missing most of their teeth, as they address the entire arch.

With Hybridge, you get the best of both worlds! The five or six implanted posts can support the weight of a full arch of teeth, creating efficiency with the treatment and cost-savings, all while permanently restoring the look and functionality of your mouth and smile.

what are the benefits of hybridge denture alternatives

If you are missing most or all of your upper, lower, or both arches of teeth, Hybridge dental implants from the Mandeville Center for Dental Excellence may be right for you. Here are a few unique benefits:

  • Permanent smile restoration – With a Hybridge implant restoration, you can restore your smile permanently. Dental implants can last 30+ years, and your dental implant bridge is built to last for decades.
  • Completely natural look and feel – Unlike traditional dentures, Hybridge denture alternatives do not need to be removed each night and require no covered palate or dental adhesive. They look, feel and function like normal, healthy teeth. Patients enjoy ease of home care and see Dr. Schof for regular cleanings.
  • Supports the health of your jaw – Once you lose a tooth, the underlying bone will deteriorate because the root is no longer putting pressure on the bone structure. With the Hybridge system, this is not the case. Your dental implants will support and stimulate your bone, keeping it healthy and preventing bone resorption due to tooth loss.
  • Restores one or both arches of teeth – Whether you would like to replace one or both arches of your teeth with a Hybridge permanent denture, Dr. Schof can help.
  • Leave with new teeth on the same day – Once your implants have been placed, you’ll get a temporary set of teeth, which will ensure that you can speak, eat, and function normally while you wait for your final restoration.
  • Final restoration takes as little as 2 weeks – While this depends on your condition, most Hybridge denture alternatives can be built in just 2 weeks, allowing you to restore your smile quickly.

Hybridge is quickly becoming the preferred method to provide dental patients with full mouth restorations.

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